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Our brains are filled to the brim with information. We have to remember Social Security numbers, bank information, what time to pick the kids up from school and a multitude of other bits and pieces. Couple that with your email password and it's easy to see why the password sometimes slips our mind. MailPassword is a password recovery tool that recovers lost or forgotten passwords from your computer's POP3 email accounts. POP3 email accounts are generally the type of email accounts that you read by opening your computer's email client without actually navigating onto the Internet.

MailPassword has the ability to recover all of the passwords and email logins that are stored in your computer. This is because almost all email clients use password caching due to the fact that it is very inconvenient to have to enter your password every single time that you need to check your email. The program is easy to use and features two options. The first option is the basic option and words for almost all email accounts. However, in the event that it does not work, MailPassword offers a second option. The second option involves entering all of your POP3 server's details and information. The second option can be more time-consuming, but MailPassword does offer step-by-step instructions on how to find the information and enter it into their program.

MailPassword is a great tool for that email account that you don't check often but absolutely must get into now. The easy-to-use interface will have you back into your email in no time.


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